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Pop Fu
Topics Teens 50+
Air Balloons
Amazing Minis
Anything Goes (UNCENSORED)
Balloon Frame
Balloons of Many Colors
Balloon Time (Like Bullet Time... I Dunno)
Beat Spike's Score
Big Roll Back
Breath of Life
Bursting Balloons
Circle Walking
Crouching Tiger Hidden Cactus
Desert Garden
Eight Trigram Palm
Expression of Power
Field of Cinnabar
Filled to Bursting
Filled with Helium
Five Elements
Go Go Go!
Handle with Care
Helium Garden
I Know Pop Fu
Iron Todd
Little Grasshoppers
Lord of the Wu Tang
Love At First Sight
Mavens for Spike
Numb Trucks
Rainbow Room
Roundhouse Roadhouse
Sgt. Pop Fu's Lonely Poppit Band
Spike's House of Pop
Succulents Go Home
Take the Pebble from My Hand...
Thomas the Tank Engine
Thorny Issues
Training Hall
Training Hall
Way of Harmonious Energy
Bizzy Balloon
Blind Pop
Golden Dragon Temple
Teen Pop
Aged to Perfection
All Pop, No Fu
Cactus Stir-Fry
Crouching Tiger Hidden Cactus
Demon Pop
Fu Till You Pop
Poppit Dojo
Proper Popping
Purple Heaven Place
Sand the Floor
Sensai Spike
The Sacred Way

13 Chambers of Pop-Fu
Skill from Hard Work
The Red Balloon Club
13 Chambers of Pop Fu
A Fistful of Tokens
Art of Pop
Beat Spike's Score
Chan Si Bong
Magic Stars

Art of Pop
Balloon Jin
Balloon Yin
Blind Pop
Breath of Life
Enter the Fu
Fast and Furious
Hot Air
Hot Air
Now and Zen
Praying Mantis





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